Izzy: DJs are the Lifeline of Music – A Nexus Radio Interview

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Recently, we had the fortune to be joined by the musician and confessed ‘dabbling DJ’ Izzy at the BPM popup studio at the Nexus Lounge, Miami.
Kicking off the interview with a sentiment many musicians have expressed recently, Izzy talked about how great it feels to be back in Miami with the whole music scene in one place.
“Honestly, you know when you make music, there’s this other side camaraderie and networking, and that’s probably the best thing. You know it’s just good to see many people, you know?”
Of course, every musician has their approach to music week, and for many, being back in Miami means reviving their rituals. For some, it’s meeting certain people; for others, it’s visiting their favorite places in the city.

For Izzy, the most important thing is to make sure he has enough Cuban coffee. “You know you hit the ground running,” says Izzy, “and sometimes you think you can get a little rest. Then you get a text or something else going on, and you’re trying to maximize.”

One thing he took a moment to stress in his interview is just how essential DJs are to the music scene, describing them as “the lifeline of music.”
Although he occasionally does DJ himself, his real focus is on music production. Lately, he’s been working away at his co-owned label, championship music, based in Brooklyn, where he and other artists such as Romi Lux are putting out the kind of music you won’t find anywhere else.
In terms of musical inspirations, he sees himself more in the lineage of people like Kanye or Jay-Z than other EDM artists.

“I don’t even know how I ended up with a label in the dance/electronic world because, you know, most of my stuff is pretty urban, and I have a separate label for that.”

When asked about something he thinks everyone should experience, he said more people should travel to learn about different cultures and experiences and enrich themselves as human beings. He also felt that more people should try thinking for themselves, saying,

"we live in a time where people think they think for themselves, but they don't."

It’s a nice sentiment to think that perhaps if we all saw a little more of the world, it might help us keep an open mind to other people and their ways of living.
To learn more about Izzy, his music, and how he thinks the world will look back on us in twenty years, then go ahead and check out the full, exclusive Nexus Radio Interview.

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