Izzy Medina Takes Miami:

During Miami Music Week, DJ Davis from Nexus Radio hosted an insightful interview with Brooklyn musician Izzy Medina at the AOC Space, Nexus Lounge. Izzy shared his excitement about the vibrant atmosphere of Miami Music Week and the joy of reconnecting with fellow artists and colleagues.

Reflecting on his journey, Izzy discussed his roots in East New York and his diverse musical achievements across various genres. He expressed a deep passion for music, highlighting how it has shaped his life and career. His enthusiasm for creating and performing music was palpable, showcasing his dedication to his craft.

Izzy Medina

The conversation also touched on the relationships Izzy has built over the years, emphasizing the importance of community and collaboration in the music industry. His stories from Miami Music Week, combined with his background and experiences, provided a rich and engaging narrative for listeners.

As Izzy eloquently put it, “Music is the thread that connects us all, and Miami Music Week is the perfect place to celebrate those connections.”

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