James Chris: Music That Resonates With People

Joining us for an exclusive Nexus Radio interview at this year’s Miami Music Week, James Chris gave us the full story of his songwriting, creative journey, and what makes music important to him.

Every artist starts somewhere, and for James Chris, that story begins in New Jersey, where he grew up and developed a love of EDM music that would last a lifetime. As a songwriter, he’s seen incredible success on the charts and platforms. With over a billion collective streams of songs he’s written and chart-topping tracks in Germany and the US, he’s certainly come a long way from those humble beginnings.

"The fact that, at some level, in some capacity, to some degree, it resonates with them. They can relate to it, which may help them through the day."

For Chris, a huge part of creating that music is about the writing process. He writes all his stuff, and it’s all original. This naturally led us to ask how he feels about the recent revolution in machine-learning AI technology. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it was a question that had also been on his mind.

"[It] 's a tough one," he said, pausing only to laugh. "I've been researching that, and, yeah, there's AI writing music now and putting mixes together."

Not that he came down all on the side of AI.

AI will never fully replace the soul and the feeling that you put into the music that you're making. I think that it will always have an influence on it, of course, and maybe people will use stuff that AI generates in their music, but you can never really replace the human behind it."

Of course, this is a conversation we can expect to see more and more over the next few years, and everyone – both artists and listeners – will undoubtedly have their own opinions. Do you think AI will ever replace musicians? Or do you think the connection with a human being is too important to lose? Why not tweet us @nexusradiodance with your thoughts?

James Chris

If you’re new to James Chris and want to try his work, listen to his recent hit ‘Variable.’ An incredible track with a unique and almost surreal sound shows his skill as an artist and creative.

To learn more about James Chris and his upcoming projects check out the full, exclusive Nexus Radio Interview!

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