Janice Robinson Makes a Grand Comeback With the Re-imagined 90’s Classic “Dreamer”

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The timeless diva, Janice Robinson, joined us at the BPM Supreme popup studio at the Nexus Lounge in Miami. She mostly talks about her life and her latest projects and takes part in our Take 5 series.
Janice Robinson (born December 8, 1967) is an American singer who rose to prominence as a member of the Italian Eurodance group Livin’ Joy in the 1990s before going solo. Following Robinson’s exit, Livin’ Joy had a string of hits from 1995 to 1996 with a different singer. However, the highest remains “Dreamer,” a massive international smash that reached number one in the United Kingdom and the top ten in several other European countries.
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It has been almost three decades since Livin’ Joy released their international hit track “Dreamer,” which still packs dance floors today. Finally, the song’s mystical, gorgeous, and remarkable voice – Janice Robinson’s—prepares to return to the stage! The 54-year-old diva is ready to slay once more after exploding onto the scene with such massive global success. And this time, she’s giving love and encouragement to everyone who believes their brightest days are behind them.
LODATO follows up his induction into EDM.com’s Class of 2022 with “Dreamer,” a collaboration with Janice Robinson that reimagines the 1990s classic. Janice told the story of how the team-up came about and said, “I expressed my concerns and my needs to him… LODATO understood the assignment, and he rose to the occasion, and I trusted him. I’ve created something timeless. And my energy is ageless, and I’m just going to go for it. I’m so glad I did.” LODATO’s rendition pays brilliant respect to the original “Dreamer.” Robinson’s trademark vocals contribute to the nostalgic vibe of the track while also creating a new-age dance vibe. It’s an energizing reintroduction that also serves as a tribute to Robinson’s influence on dance music.
Moving on to our Take 5 series, Janice Robinson proves to be a real-life sweetheart full of meaningful advice and wisdom. When asked why Music is essential, she answered,

"Music is important because it captures seasons of people's lives. And no matter where people are, whether they're grieving or rejoicing, Music is the soundtrack of everyone's life. Everyone has a song that connects them back to a special time, a memory, and it heals them because Music is where you find the words and the melodies that help people not feel so alone. So no matter what season of your life you're in, Music can comfort you. Music can heal you. Music can pull you from a dark space. Music can find you when you're in that space, and Music can ignite you. It can inspire you."

To learn more about Janice Robinson, including her thoughts on what our world would look like if her clones ruled, then listen to our full interview below:

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