Jared Glawe Glows With Passion for Music

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During this year’s ADE, Jared Glawe joined us at the Bowes and Wilkins popup studio at the Nexus Lounge, Amsterdam.
With an academic background backing up his passion for music, it’s no wonder why Jaord Glowe’s tracks are penetrating the radio spheres with such speed. After attaining a dual major in Electronic Music Production and Sound Design alongside Music Business, Glowe eventually leaped and signed his debut single to Black Hole Recordings in 2019. Since then, his popularity and success have been on uphill trajectories while maintaining his humble and passionate approach to music.
Jarod Glawe
We spoke with Jared Glawe about his approach to songwriting his upcoming projects while also asking him some of our signature Take-5 questions.
When asked about his songwriting process, Jarod demonstrates his dedication to the production side of his music:

“I try to always make sure I’m doing something different, just continuing to push myself. I also like to listen to my music in everything that I can. So everything I do, I’m listening to see how it sounds on an iPhone [or] on my car speakers, on a blown out speaker…. So I’m just always kind of experimenting, and sometimes when you think something sounds good somewhere and bad somewhere else, it makes you change the song.”

On top of his steady rise through the ranks, Jared is celebrating some incredible musical achievements. His groovy, soul-infused collaborative project with Rave Republic, accompanied by Twista’s rapping and Nazzereene’s uplifting vocals, was a late-summer hit that demonstrated Glawe’s musical breadth. Twista and Jarod have an extensive history, as Jarod was his studio manager and audio engineer at the impressive age of 22.
He recently worked on and released his first track with Armada Music with Nicholas Gunn. Titled Lighthouse, it maintains a rich and delicate musicality complemented by Chris Howard’s smooth and meaningful vocalisations.
Onto our Take-5 series, Jared Glowe was quick to give more personal insights into himself as a person. He believes that music has the power to do good, but perhaps “maybe too much.” “If you listen to sad music, you’re gonna be sad,” he says. He also notes that he would eat pizza every day if he could and would choose to have a warning label for his randomness and bluntness.
Listen to the full interview with Jarod Glawe at the Nexus Lounge below:

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