Jarod Glawe: The Chill Side of Melodic House

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Joining us at the Hey Dude popup studio in the Nexus Lounge, Amsterdam edition, we caught up with Jared Glawe, learning all about his upcoming projects, his time at ADE, and how he likes to develop his sound.

With releases across several iconic labels, including Armada, Black Hole, Revealed, and more, Jarod Glawe is a DJ whose sound spreads far and fast. Working with incredible artists like Orjan Nilsen and Thomas Gold, he’s built a global fan base across over 150 countries. We were curious to learn how he’s built that sound over the years and which genres have influenced his style.

“I think I’ve been exploring my sound for a long time,” says Glawe. “From future bass music when I first started and a lot of pop dance stuff. Now I’ve been doing mostly melodic house, and I’m more on, like, the chill side of the melodic house.”

Of course, life’s not all about work, and Jared’s had a fair amount to distract him this last year. Between a house move and a marriage, it’s fair to say that he’s had enough on his plate to keep him busy, and the music has taken a bit of a back seat. But in 2024, that’s all about to change as Glawe says he plans to release new music every five or six weeks next year.

Jared Glawe

During our Take5 segment, we like to ask artists more personal questions to get to know them better. When asked about one significant problem he’d like to solve, Glawe opened up about his feelings on healthcare problems, particularly in the United States.

As a self-employed person in America, having just turned 26, Glawe is now responsible for his own healthcare, which can challenge many up-and-coming artists, placing yet another barrier between talented individuals and success.

“There should be a healthcare system that’s free for people, as well as a premium healthcare system… It shouldn’t be one or the other.”

Moving on to something less serious, we asked about the most embarrassing on-stage moments and how Glawe deals with them. For him, it’s simple mistakes – “I’ve hit the pause button a few more times than I’d like to admit” – but the real challenge is keeping calm. In his words, “The hardest part is the stress beforehand.”

If you’d like to learn more about Jared Glawe, his DJ background, and his time at ADE 2023, then check out the full, exclusive Nexus Radio interview.

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