Jay Hardway Talks Balancing Work and Private Life

Jay Hardway joined us at the Nexus Lounge for Miami Music Week 2018.

Jobke Pieter Heiblom otherwise known as Jay Hardway is a Dutch DJ and producer signed to Spinnin’ Records, his international hit “Wizard,” a collaboration with Martin Garrix, put him on the map and charted in several countries such as Belgium, France and The Netherlands.

Jay confessed that he kicked off Miami Music Week by enjoying a few drinks at the “Firebeatz and Friends” party before hitting the media grind. Back at the Nexus Lounge, he was in great spirits and ready to take on Dayanna for a staring contest- and winning! Having won the contest- Jay was given the chance to turn the tables on Dayanna by asking her a question from the “bucket of questions.”

Hardway expressed that having a private life and staying creative were two of the biggest struggles in his DJ career:

“Making music is a very creative process and that’s always a struggle, so that’s definitely the number one struggle when you start, and even when you are progressing. Second, is having a private life next to being an artist is pretty tough. So it takes a lot of time- and that’s also like a constant struggle but you gotta sleep a little bit less and travel a little bit more to see your family and friends.”

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With so much new music on the way, including the release of “Coffee Please,” a happy track that was released the day right after this interview was conducted- we had to ask Jay how he manages to squeeze in time to make music in between all that touring:

“Touring and finishing music don’t really go hand-in-hand. I don’t now if you’ve ever tried to work on a plane- it’s difficult, it’s not a creative environment. So you just have to work harder at home- I can’t work on planes, it’s not for me.”

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