Jeffrey Sutorius: Going back on-stage will be emotional


The sun was shining in more ways than one during our first interview with Jeffrey Sutorius, the former front man of the world renowned Dance Music act Dash Berlin. It was a meeting with many firsts as it was Jeffrey’s first time attending Amsterdam Dance Event as well as our first time experiencing a sunny day during ADE, which he perfectly summarized with one simple word “Sunny.”

I’ve been talking with so many people, and they say ‘is your first time really in ADE?’ And the sun is shining! I have to do this more often I guess.”

The former Dash Berlin front man has been on a rebranding campaign under his real name, Jeffrey Sutorius, after he was locked out of the group for taking an extensive personal break from touring. The newly married DJ and producer tells us he’s finally ready to begin touring again and is releasing new music under his real name, Jeffrey Sutorius. But he also dropped a big hint that he might return to the Dash Berlin project someday.

“It’s actually still in court proceedings, so I might become Dash Berlin again, who knows? Suspense, suspense in that matter!”

Jeffrey Sutorius

Only time will tell if and when Jeffrey might return to the Dash Berlin group, but for now he emphasizes that it’s “all about Jeffrey Sutorius.”

I want to go back on stage. I want to go back to the fans, and I want to continue and move on with what I liked best, and that’s performing. So when people see Jeffery Sutorius on the bill instead of Dash Berlin, it will be basically still the same. And there’s so much love and support online, offline and many dedicated fans. The support was already crazy, really heartwarming it touches my heart so much that these people are really there for me!”

When it comes to music production, Jeffrey wanted his fans to expect a similar level of style and quality as his previous releases as Dash Berlin. He mentioned that he’s already sampled some of his new music with some people, and those people can confirm that Jeffrey has stayed true the sound that he’s known for.

“I’ve got five tracks ready, and some people have already heard bits of them, and they could confirm ‘this is you.’ And obviously I’m not working with partners like Eelke and Sebastiaan but I’m in full control of what’s happening on the music side right now.”

In specific terms of why Jeffrey Sutorius had a falling out with his longtime Dash Berlin colleagues, he says it had everything to do with artist “burnout.”

“I rolled into the situation about four and a half months ago as a ‘burnout.’ And I have a story to tell because in this burnout was also when the conflict happened obviously.This is something I want to share with my fans, with people who are willing to listen to my music. I think people will understand when they hear the music. I’m about vocals, and I will stay about vocals and they will help me translate my story.”

The specific topic of artist ‘burnout’ is not lost on us in dance music community, we lost a beloved Dance Music icon, Avicii, earlier this year, and at least two other high profile DJs are actively on “break” from touring at the moment due to the grueling EDM DJ lifestyle. But Jeffrey opted to put his health first by taking some proper time out from touring, but right now, he is eager to get back on stage.

“This will become very emotional for me on stage when I go back. That’s going to be exceptionally tough times for me. But you know, it’s part of the recovery process and it’s going to be so much fun because it’s real. It’s me and the fans and what we have is genuine.”

If you want to get to know the real Jeffrey Sutorius, the award-winning Dutch DJ formerly known as Dash Berlin, listen along as he sits down with us for a candid interview in the Nexus Lounge during Amsterdam Dance Event. 

The full audio interview below!