JES: New Album “Memento,” 5 Travel Essentials, Diplo + more!

Jes Brieden, better known simply as JES, is one of the very few women in dance music to have reached icon status not only as a singer-songwriter, but also as a composer and DJ as well.

The “Let Him Go” and “Get Me Through The Night” singer’s weekly radio show “Unleash The Beat” is syndicated worldwide, and she’s worked with the world’s biggest producers including TiestoArmin Van BuurenPaul OakenfoldAbove & BeyondATBKaskadeRichard DurandCosmic Gate, and Roger Shah to name just a few.

This trail-blazing musician’s ever evolving music career which spans over two decades, has dished out four solo albums, two Billboard #1 singles, three GRAMMY nominations, her list of accomplishments continues.

JES joins us at the BPM Supreme-Nexus Lounge during Miami Music Week 2019, to talk about her upcoming shows and album Memento, her new single “No One Else,” and of course, to take Nexus Take 5 quiz. This is Take5 with JES!

Reconnecting With Friends

Adam Turner: This is Adam Turner here in the Nexus Lounge in Miami on Miami beach. The weather is stunning, and I am joined by someone who is equally as stunning as the weather- it’s JES. How are you!?

JES: Thank you, Farius (Adam Turner’s production alias). Thank you, Adam Turner!

Adam Turner: Are you good?

JES: I am very good.

Adam Turner: How is your Miami going?

JES: It’s going well so far. I’m alive. I didn’t get too much sleep, but I feel good.

Adam Turner: This week is not about sleeping, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

JES: It is not- I’ve done enough of them (Miami Music Weeks) to know.

Adam Turner: Are you performing this week?

JES: I just performed on Tuesday at The Rockwell with Paul Oakenfold and Markus Schulz. So, that was my first day here.

Adam Turner: Wow!

JES: It started off with a bang, but it was so much fun. All my friends were there- even Cosmic Gate was there!

Travel Essentials & The 1800s

Adam Turner: Wow, amazing! So, let’s jump straight in because I could talk to you all day. So, let’s jump straight in- five questions. So, when JES is on her way to do a gig, what are five essential things in your bag?

JES: Oh, five essential ones? Definitely- cough drops, tea, a lot of stuff for the throat [laughs]. My very great-hot outfit that I’m going to wear (that night).

Adam Turner: Obviously. That’s three.

JES: And makeup. Makeup.

Adam Turner: Yeah- me too.

JES: And throat spray. So exciting, I know! It’s all about the throat.

Adam Turner: Listen, you’re one of the most experienced people- I’m going to take your word for it. What is your favorite Emoji?

JES: Oh, I think it’s probably the kissy face.

Adam Turner: If you had a time machine, which decade would you go back to?

JES: You know what? I really feel like I was born a couple of hundred years ago. I do.

Adam Turner: [laughs] Just cause’ you feel like you didn’t get much sleep? Or…

JES: I really feel connected to that time. I feel like I should have like a bustle (mid-to-late 19th century undergarment) on and be waddling through central park with a pair of… I don’t know why!? And I feel I must’ve been a very frustrated woman back then, because I was always a fiery girl, you know? But I really do feel attracted to those times; Art, Culture; You know, like the 1800’s.

Adam Turner: Nice! I’ve had most people be like seventies with Disco, 80’s for like electronic music- and you’re like “I want to go way back.” No, that’s good! That’s good! On Instagram, who do you stalk the most? Who’s like the top of your [list]…

JES: You know what? I always look at Diplo because he’s so funny. If you need a laugh, you’ve got to go over his Instagram. He’s got a great sense of humor.

The Mother Of Dragons Dogs

Adam Turner: That’s a good one. Last one, what career path would you have gone down if you didn’t go into music?

JES: Wow! Oh, God. Probably taking care of animals- I know! I’m just crazy about all types of animals. I of course, love horses and stuff like that.

Adam Turner: Do you have pets?

JES: I’m like [a] stepmom to some, like three dogs. But I travel so much…

Adam Turner: I was going to say- with your schedule, that must be a bit kind of crazy.

JES: Yeah, unless you have a tiny one (pet). My friend takes it everywhere- so I have three [including] one that we saved.

New Album: Memento

Adam Turner: Cute. Lastly, tell me what your plans for 2019. What’s JES doing?

JES: Wow. She’s been doing a lot. I’ve got a lot of new songs coming up. I’m working on an album called Memento. I just had [the] first [single] come out, the Will Atkinson remix (of Imagination) that went to number one on Beatport.

Adam Turner: I saw that! congrats!

JES: That was a very big song for me- even on Nexus Radio. But it’s an album with about six of my biggest tunes sort-of re-worked, and about four or five new tunes on it. The newest one will be coming out May 31st called No One Else. So, that’s like more crossover dance. You know, I write everything on guitar and piano, [I’m a] songwriter, you know. So, my heart is really […] in sort of pop. So…

Adam Turner: Yeah, Amazing! So, it sounds like you’ve got big plans for 2019!

JES: Yeah, and I’ve got another artist album (in the works) which is a little more crossover too. I have a song called Let Him Go, which I think was testing (test rotation) on Nexus

Adam Turner: Oh Nice!

JES: And it’s a cover of a famous Passenger song (Let Her Go).

Adam Turner: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. It was like his biggest record. Oh, so you’ve done like a dance version of it.

JES: I did like [a] sort-of chilled, down-tempo one (rendition). It’s beautiful and its sort-of me on [the] guitar and piano and it’s a little bit of what JES comes from. So, yeah…

Upcoming Shows

Adam Turner: Nice! And are you traveling? Are you playing? Are you singing around the world?

JES: I am! My next show is at the Palladium [on] April 5th with Cosmic Gate. I’m touring and their 20 years (celebration) tour will also be in New York…

Adam Turner: Are you joining them on that tour? Amazing!

JES: …in Calgary, I also have a show in San Francisco […] on April 19th, and I’ll be going over to Europe in the summer…

Adam Turner: You sound [very] busy.

JES: Yeah! You must be- that’s what makes it so much fun! You know, I like to keep moving and it’s always nice to come to Miami and reconnect with everybody. And even meet people I’ve known for so long, but I haven’t seen their face[s]…

Adam Turner: Yeah, just reconnect. JES, thank you so much for joining us in the Nexus Lounge today! Have a great Miami!

JES: Thank you. You too.

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