The undisputed Queen of Electronic Rock JES has partnered with a new video service that allows music video interactivity within a Facebook Feed. The service acts much like YouTube video tags and MTV’s pop-up video series by allowing pop-up’s and links to interact with viewers. ThingLink adds call-to-action for music discovery, movie rentals and more to Facebook, YouTube and Brightcove video. ThingLink offers iTunes media tags which include full album listings and options to preview and buy songs. Here’s what JES had to say about new iTunes tags:

“ThingLink’s new iTunes product tag provides a new sense of discovery within music. My fans have a unique opportunity to explore, sample and download additional songs in my full catalogue all without leaving the current music video or behind-the-scenes video they are enjoying at the moment. I’m thrilled to be a part of this ever growing world of discovery that interactive content is providing.” – JES

Watch the new video for TWO SOULS