Justin Caruso Talks New Single with 3LAU, Mac Miller Tribute

Los Angeles-based DJ and record producer Justin Caruso talks to Rons in the BPM Supreme-Nexus Radio Lounge during Miami Music Week 2019. Riding high after his sensational hit Better With You, a collaboration with 3LAU featuring Iselin, Justin chats with us about how the hit single came to be.

“The New Song is Better With You. It came out about three weeks ago. We’ve been working on it for about a year now. We started it when we (3LAU) were on tour together. So, to have it out now is incredible. We have Iselin on the vocals who is an incredible singer, really excited to have it out and it’s been great.”

Justin confessed that If We Stay, his previous record took a bit longer to develop. That single had been in the works for over three years, but he never quite found the right place to put it out on. So, when Astralwerks/Universal, approached him with the idea for the Ninja album, he was all for it. He talked to Ivy Adara, and she knocked the vocals off on the single.

Mac Miller

Getting a bit nostalgic, Justin shares that Mac Miller was a big influence early in his childhood. In reverence of the artist, he put together a tribute Best Day Ever earlier this year, with Rosie Darling in honor of Mac Miller’s life.

“I grew up listening to like Mac Miller a bunch when I was younger and me and all my friends would always listen to him. With him passing away, I think that was such a big hit for music and people who weren’t even fans of his. I think it was just kind of opened people’s eyes about drugs and overdose and suicide. So I wanted to find a good way to honor him and honor his music and ‘Best Ever’ was one of my favorite songs. So I had a Rosie Darling do a cover of it and ended up making my own instrumental of it and put that out on his birthday. Doing that was pretty special to me and I didn’t want to put it for sale. I just kind of wanted people listen to it on Soundcloud and enjoy it. “

Silly Putty

To find out why Justin Caruso wants “Silly Putty” in his artist rider, which XBOX video games he indulges in, which game show he would do well in and more! Listen to the full audio interview below!

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