Joachim Pastor Loves Piña Coladas

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Joachim Pastor Loves Piña Coladas


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Based in , France, Joachim Pastor was four years old when he first discovered his love of music. An eclectic artist, and the co-founder of Hungry Music, Joachim recently released his new single “Be Someone” on Music. We caught up with Joachim to ask him some quick questions, and to find out about what’s coming next for him.

Check out Joachim’s latest single, and keep an eye out for a new album later this year!

Q; Before we dig in, tell us about your latest project.

Well I’ve just released my new single “Be Someone” on Armada Music, it’s leading to my album release, very soon, and I’m super excited about that!

Q; What cocktail (or drink) recipe is getting you through the pandemic?

My favourite cocktail of course : pina colada !

Q; What is your first musical memory?

Listening to Vivaldi’s 4 seasons, when I was probably about 3 years old. I also have some memories of going to a concert when I was 4, in Versailles, it was open air and it was great.

Q: What’s the most useless talent you have?

I’m a musician, I guess most people see that as useless don’t they ? 🙂

Q; If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what question would you ask?

Is this world real or is it the fruit of my imagination?
Joachim Pastor
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Q: You must survive in the Amazon Rainforest for a year. Which 3 DJs or industry friends would you take with you and why?

I’d take NTO cause he could cook, Stereoclip because he repels mosquitoes and Nora En Pure cause she hikes all the time.

Q: Which fictional character would be the most exciting to meet in real life?

Michael Scott from Dunder Mifflin of course.

Q: , New York, or Tokyo?

Amsterdam !

Q: Do you sing in the shower?

I whistle a lot, I don’t sing really, that’d be horrible.

Q: And finally, what’s on your Netflix watch list?

The Office and Peaky Blinders 🙂

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