Joe Bermudez : MADONNA Loved my DJ Set

Joe Bermudez in joined us at the Big Joe® lounge for Miami Music Week/Nexus Radio Lounge to talk about his new single “Crazy Enough.” It just reached top 5 status on the Billboard Dance Chart. He also talks about his constant “hunt” for talented new singers and of course, Madonna.

The Boston-based DJ and producer has emerged as one of the hottest talents in the dance music scene today, his radio show Mass Movement is syndicated globally, and he’s remixed for some of the biggest names in pop-music, including Britney SpearsRihanna and Ke$ha just to name a few.

Bermudez takes the Nexus Radio ‘Take 5’ quiz where he professes his love for Australia and the country’s stance on progressive values:

“Sydney, there’s something about Australia that I just love, the accents- huge turn-on. But everyone is so nice there. They’re very progressive and they do know to party. Gay Marriage and gun laws- they are way ahead of us here. So I respect that, and I would love to be in a safe community like that.”

Knowing how much of a celebrity magnet he is, we had to ask Joe about his run-ins with pop super-star MADONNA:

“When I opened the MDNA tour [in Boston] it was me, Avicii, Martin Solveig and Paul Oakenfold. I’ve had a chance to meet Madonna like six or seven times, and I’ve blown up every shot. So I got booked to open the MDNA tour [in Boston] and she was super late, she had a gym built in the back [backstage], full gym- better than like any New York’s sports clubs or anything like that. So she was back there working out with the kids and the stage manager told me ahead of time ‘it may be like a couple minutes or so’ and it went over like by like 90 minutes or so, they were like ‘one more song, one more song’ and we have a huge fine if you run after 11PM. What an expensive workout right? But she did text me afterwards; management texted me after saying “M loved your set,” I did screenshot that, saved it, and printed it out.”

To learn more about the incredible Joe Bermudez, listen to the complete interview below↓

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