Jonny Venturi: From Childhood Dreams to Global Beats

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In a compelling audio interview at the Calpak Space, Jonny Venturi opened up about his musical journey, current projects, and exciting plans. Venturi, a DJ sensation known for his vibrant house, funky, and nu-disco sets, sat with DJ Ron from Nexus Radio to discuss his career and inspirations.

Jonny’s passion for music began in his early years, experimenting with various instruments before discovering his true calling in DJing at 14. His early gigs in Modena and Bologna set the stage for his rise in the electronic music scene, leading to a coveted residency at Alice Club in Modena. His innovative sets quickly made him a fixture in top venues across the Riviera and beyond.

Jonny Venturi

During the interview, Jonny expressed his excitement about being in Miami for the first time and performing at the Miami Music Week, fulfilling a long-held dream with Nexus Radio. He eagerly talked about his upcoming DJ set at Willwood with Ed Studios and Meritocracy Records, sharing insights into his new production, “Sound Off,” and his travel plans to Ibiza, Spain, and Italy.

One of the interview’s highlights was Jonny’s discussion about his musical influences. He cited Moshe T. Mosty as a favorite artist, reflecting on how these influences shape his unique sound. Jonny’s everyday carry bag, an essential for any traveling DJ, also came up in conversation, offering fans a glimpse into his personal life.

The conversation took a nostalgic turn as Jonny reminisced about his childhood. He fondly recalled his favorite toy, Buzz Lightyear, and his enduring love for dogs, a constant source of joy. These anecdotes provided a personal touch, revealing the person behind the decks.

Looking ahead, Jonny shared his aspirations in music production, hinting at upcoming remixes that promise to captivate his audience. His commitment to evolving his sound and engaging with fans worldwide remains unwavering.

Fans are encouraged to listen to the full interview for an in-depth look at Jonny Venturi’s inspiring story and to catch all the exciting details. Dive into the complete audio experience and discover what makes Jonny Venturi a standout artist in today’s music scene.

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