Julian Jordan #ADE 2017

If you think it takes stamina to conquer the endlesss DJ life style of touring, traveling, and producing, imagine DJing for 24 hours straight. That is what Julian Jordan did to raise money for Serious Request which benefits Red Cross. I wanted to “do something for Red Cross with my work and something that I like to do.” He said that he had to get a chair because his feet hurt so much but “my friends pulled me through.”

Friendship is a major part of Julian’s storyline. The first EP on his label GOLDKID records features music from his hometown of Apeldoorn. “I’ve known Madison for a long time.” Together with Timmy Hendricks, that makes three talented Dutch DJs from the same town, that surprisingly isn’t Breda.

When asked about “A Thousand Miles,” his smash last summer with Ruby Prophet, Julian said that he “already heard the melody” when he first listened to the vocals. Julian wrote the melody really fast on the piano and it took some time to finish the track. He thought it was going to be a really big one, and looking at every DJ’s playlist from last summer, he was right.

Starting production at age 14, Julian continues to bring a fresh new energy to dance music. Whether it his partnership with clothing label Chasin’ (where he encourages you to “stretch your ego”) or the groundbreaking label Goldkid, he has built a loyal following of fans who feel his vibe. So much so, that it isn’t a surprise to see people who have gotten his name tattooed on them.

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