Just Ben Emerges from the Shadows, Ready to Shine in the Spotlight

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French DJ and producer, Just Ben, visited the Hey Dude pop-up studio during Nexus Lounge Amsterdam to discuss his upcoming remix. He also joined the fun in our Take 5 series!

Ben stands out as one of Lyon’s most captivating young talents. Ben takes the lead in delivering innovative and remarkably fresh music by giving a contemporary twist to one of the planet’s most iconic musical genres, the waltz, through his acclaimed and distinctive track “Paris” featuring Noem.

"I've been making music for more than 12 years now. I'm 29 years old and making pop music, EDM music, everything just music." While Just Ben has been behind the scenes, composing numerous tracks for French artists, he's now ready to let the world discover the artist behind the music.

Armed with extensive musical expertise and a history of crafting pop hits for renowned artists over the past few years, Ben made a significant shift in 2023. Stepping into the limelight, he infused fresh energy into the EDM scene with awe-inspiring live performances and his unique musical approach. Reflecting on his journey, he expressed, “All my experience and previous work as a producer has led me to this, to this imprint of myself, and I’m so glad I can finally show my work to the world.”

Just Ben made an unforgettable debut at the Amsterdam Dance Event, dazzling the crowd not once, twice, but thrice at ADE parties. Adding to his triumphs, he won the “You Can’t Change Me” by David Guetta Remix Contest early in 2023. Fondly reminiscing, the DJ shared, “I uploaded the remix about four months before the announcement. One day, I received a DM from Spinnin’ [Records] saying, Yo, bro, you won!”

Just Ben

Strategically biding his time before making a grand entrance into the EDM scene has proven to be a wise move for Ben. Following the release of his debut single, he swiftly rose to prominence, emerging as one of the most sought-after DJ acts in 2023.

During our interview, Just Ben hinted about an upcoming remix with a retro vibe. “From really famous tracks from the 80s, a remix from street dance, a huge hit in France and worldwide. It will be released with a Sculpture Recordings.”

Considering the discerning palate of the French, we couldn’t help but ask about the strangest food Just Ben had ever tried. He chuckled and replied, “Some weird fish. I can’t even say the name of these things. It doesn’t have any colors, and it smells really bad.”

To learn more about Just Ben, including the one person he would like to be for a day, listen to our full interview below!

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