Justin Bieber did Floyd Mayweather proud, punching a guy in the face hard enough to make him bleed bad. On Tuesday, Nov 22nd, the Canadian superstar was caught on camera, punching a fan in the face as he arrived at his concert in Barcelona.

The over-enthusiastic fan touched him through a backseat open window in the car the 22-year-old singer was being driven in as he made his way to a Barcelona stadium, for the latest stop on his “Purpose” tour. The noted pop star Justin Bieber took a swing at a teenage fan from a moving car and left the boy with a split lip and a story to tell. The boy turned to friends immediately afterward with a bloodied mouth, telling them, in Spanish, “He has just punched me,” before repeating the same sentence in disbelief to a nearby camera.

Local police said they would not be automatically investigating the incident as it was “a misdemeanor rather than a crime” and that it was up to the victim to decide whether to make a formal complaint.

Watch below the video obtained by TMZ on the incident –