Justin Mylo’s Music Journey: From Amsterdam’s EDM Scene to Worldwide Stages and Beyond!

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Amsterdam’s DJ extraordinaire, Justin Mylo, brought his awesome vibes to the HeyDude pop-up studio at Nexus Lounge Amsterdam. He spilled the beats on his freshest track and ADE 2023 gigs and aced the Q&A game in our Take 5 series!

Emilio Justin Behr, who goes by the stage name Justin Mylo, is a Dutch musician, DJ, and record producer. Hailing from Amsterdam, Justin Mylo’s love affair with music began at a young age. He absorbed the beats and rhythms around him that would eventually shape his unique sonic identity. Taking inspiration from Martin Garrix, another Dutch prodigy, Justin Mylo embarked on a musical journey to craft tunes that would captivate audiences across the globe.

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In 2015, the budding DJ experienced a game-changing moment by joining forces with Martin Garrix and Mesto for the track “Bouncy Bob.” Released under Martin Garrix’s esteemed label, STMPD RCRDS, the song rapidly soared to fame thanks to its contagious energy and pulsating beats. “Bouncy Bob” not only served as a pivotal milestone in Justin Mylo’s career but also cemented his presence in the vibrant landscape of the EDM scene.

Following the triumphant release of three chart-topping hits— “Jumping Jack,” “Chasing Shadows,” and “Still Around”—Justin Mylo’s talent became an undeniable force in the music scene. Now, he’s set to dazzle us again with his upcoming single, “Written in the Sky,” slated for release on November 24. Offering a sneak peek into the magic, Justin Mylo said, “I’m dropping a very special song to me. I’m trying to kind of bring back the old Justin Mylo sound. I would definitely advise you to go check it out.”

Justin Mylo’s vibrant energy isn’t confined to the studio; it also lights up his live performances. Since 2015, he’s been a regular at Martin Garrix’s residency shows and gigs worldwide. Lucky for fans, Mylo rocked not just one but four shows at the recent Amsterdam Dance Event 2023. Have you ever wondered how he keeps each set unique? According to Mylo, he spices things up with mashups and surprises for every show. “In general, I have mashups and things for every set. I made a completely new intro for my show this coming Sunday and all the new music, of course, trying to give you guys something special this week.”

Justin Mylo’s sound has been chiefly upbeat and festival-ready. When asked how his music taste has changed, he answered, “I feel like I’ve matured in a way. I liked the crazier stuff back in the day, and now it’s more about a vibe and feeling that you’re getting instead of just party music.” With this shift, there’s a possibility that we might be treated to more emotionally charged tunes from him in the future.

To learn more about Justin Mylo, including the most unusual experience he had while performing, listen to our full interview below!

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