KALLAGHAN on Sneaker Culture and Launch of KALLAGHAN Studios

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During Miami Music Week, we sat down and chatted with Miami-based DJ KALLAGHAN in the AOC Gaming Bungalow at our Nexus Lounge Miami. The French-born DJ shared some of his top travel tips, talked about upcoming projects and the opening of his new studio, and played a quick game of our Nexus Take 5 rapid-fire questions series. 

Charles “KALLAGHAN” Massabo stands tall as a leading figure in the realm of French electronic music, his journey marked by chart-topping successes and innovative sonic explorations. Having made a significant impact in the U.S. music scene for over a decade, KALLAGHAN’s career trajectory embodies an unwavering commitment to pushing musical boundaries.


In 2022, KALLAGHAN embarked on a new chapter by founding his label, “Grail Records,” a platform dedicated to showcasing cutting-edge electronic music. With an impressive debut, he released a staggering 27 tracks, further cementing his reputation as a prolific producer and visionary curator. 

Getting to our interview, KALLAGHAN shares that he’s happy to be at the Nexus Lounge, having only had to travel twenty minutes to get there. He’s lived in Miami for four years now, though he’s originally from France. 

The DJ shares that he’s got some exciting projects down the line, not least the opening of KALLAGHAN Studios, where he hopes to provide artists and creatives the resources to take their projects to the next level.

He’s also got a track, “Pyramid,” coming out on his own label, Grail Records, which he’ll more than likely play during his performance at MMW’s Toe Jam party in Wynwood.

As part of our Take 5 series—where we ask our guests a series of rapid-fire questions that range from funny or serious to just plain odd—the DJ has a lot to say about his link to the fashion world and sneaker culture:

"I'm a big sneakerhead; I have a massive collection of sneakers. It's very important. In some ways, sneakers define you, like a status thing. And it's very connected to my music. I'm very influenced by Virgil Abloh and Off White and this kind of stripped down way of approaching things."

Before he heads out, KALLAGHAN answers a couple more questions. He tells us about his favorite gym song and talks about going to school in his pajamas. He also shares some travel tips for other DJs and professionals who, like him, find themselves on the road more than they’d like

We’ll let you discover KALLAGHAN’s advice, as well as lots more about this incredible DJ, in the full-length and exclusive interview below. And, as always, make sure to follow us on Instagram @nexusradiodance for more exclusive interviews with dance music’s biggest artists.


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