Kamil Ghaouti: Unveiling the Man Behind the Music

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In a recent intimate interview at the Nexus Lounge, Kamil Ghaouti, the Moroccan music producer and DJ who has been making waves in the dance music scene, opened up about his journey, inspirations, and future plans.

The conversation started with Kamil’s recent arm surgery due to an unfortunate electric scooter accident. Despite the setback, Kamil’s spirit remained unbroken, his passion for music undiminished.

Kamil Ghaouti

The discussion then veered towards Kamil’s experiences at Miami Music Week and his travel habits. Known for his DJ residency at The Yacht Week, where he has played at some of the biggest venues across Croatia and Greece, Kamil’s travel stories are as diverse as his music.

Kamil also shared insights into his music production gear and his latest projects. One of the highlights of the conversation was the announcement of his new record label, Chameleon Records. This venture promises to be a platform for Kamil to further explore and evolve his sound, which has already garnered him support from industry bigwigs like Martin Garrix, Marshmello, and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.

The interview also delved into Kamil’s personal life, revealing his favorite childhood toy and his least favorite kids’ movie. These tidbits added a touch of relatability to the superstar DJ, reminding us that behind the music and the fame, he is just as human as the rest of us.

The conversation concluded with Kamil expressing his enthusiasm for his future work and his gratitude for the opportunity to share his story. His journey, from releasing his song ‘Magnets’ on Lost Frequencies’ record label at 19 to achieving over 20 million streams for his remix for French rapper PLK, is nothing short of inspiring.

We encourage you to listen to the full interview for those who want to know more about Kamil Ghaouti, the man behind the music. It’s a deep dive into the life of a rising star in the music industry, and it’s not to be missed.” Music is the strongest form of magic.” – Kamil Ghaouti

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