Karel & Xojani Are Living in the Now!

Karel & Xojani Interview.

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Karel & Xojani Are Living in the Now! 3
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Karel & Xojani Are Living in the Now! 4

Karel & Xojani are the center of a movement.  They’ve build a group of artists that collaborate and work together.  During Miami Music Week, the sibling duo said they were planning on “seeing friends, hanging out with [other] artists […], and writing songs.” 

With two already massive club hits in 2018 “We Get High” and “Dancing,” you may be surprised to discover that the duo didn’t plan to become dance artists.  Karel was a metalhead doing the “screamo” sound while Xojani was on track to becoming an investment banker.

Xojani gave us the ultimate response to our infamous time machine question. I “believe in being where you are right now.” The whole idea of living in the moment seems quite wonderful, though we anxiously await for their forthcoming E.P. which is scheduled to be released later this year.

This is Take5 with Karel & Xojani!

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