In this digital era, be careful of what you share on social media.

This is what the singer of worldwide hit “Firework” should have been aware of before she posted an image of a Hindu goddess on her Instagram account, which has over 60 million followers. The Hindu goddess is Kali Ma, as known as “The Divine Mother”.

The image of a Hindu goddess that was posted by Perry alongside with the caption "current mood".

A user commented on the image, saying “Please don’t compare our powerful goddess with your mood. It’s really disappointing.”

Another user added, “Everyone please report this post as inappropriate…we are not here for bullying our gods.”

The comments in the image later developed into endless debates between Indian people and non-Indian people.

Back in the day, Katy Perry was married to Russell Brand in a private Hindu ceremony, and it was begun with the couple worshiping a statue of Lord Ganesh, the Hindu God visited by Hindu people before they start a new chapter in their lives. In fact, the 31-year-old singer has spoken out about her religion to the public, saying that she does not really have a specific religion, but she has “a deep connection with God.”