Kazeta Talks New Music, Fashion, and Embarrassing Moments

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In an electrifying interview at the AOC Space, DJ Your Honor sat down with Kazeta, the versatile artist whose sounds are influenced by icons like Matroda, Major Lazer, and Tiesto. The discussion, part of Miami Music Week 2024, offered an intimate look into Kazeta’s world, covering everything from spontaneous performances to future projects.

Kazeta, who hails from Queens, NYC, shared insights on what it takes to move a crowd, a skill honed by witnessing the vibrant local music scene. The conversation kicked off with a recap of their spontaneous back-to-back DJ set at the Clevelander, a highlight of the week that left fans buzzing.

"We didn't plan it at all," Kazeta admitted, reflecting on the impromptu set. "But the energy was just right, and we fed off the crowd's vibe. It was one of those magical moments where everything aligned perfectly."

Excitement filled the air as Kazeta revealed upcoming projects, including a new track featuring DJ Your Honor. The collaboration promises to blend their unique styles, creating a fresh and exciting sound that fans are eagerly awaiting. Kazeta hinted, “This track is going to be a game-changer. We’re pushing boundaries and experimenting with sounds that are going to surprise a lot of people.”

The interview also included a rapid-fire segment, where Kazeta shared personal tidbits. From fashion influenced by music to the story behind his first mobile phone and an embarrassing on-stage moment, Kazeta’s candid responses made for an engaging and relatable conversation. He recounted, “My first phone was this old Nokia. I dropped it during a set once, and it kept playing! It was embarrassing but also a bit funny.”


Kazeta expressed his excitement about performing in New York and emphasized his gratitude towards his family, community, and supporters. “New York is home, and there’s nothing like performing in front of your own. The support I’ve received is overwhelming, and it drives me to keep pushing the envelope,” he shared.

The interview wrapped up with a shoutout to an upcoming show in Las Vegas, where Kazeta will be opening for Zuzu. “Vegas is going to be wild. I’m opening for Zuzu, and we’ve got some surprises in store,” he teased.

Fans eager for more can catch the full interview for an in-depth dive into Kazeta’s journey and future endeavors. Don’t miss out on this exclusive conversation—listen now to get the full scoop on what makes Kazeta one of the most dynamic artists in the scene today.

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