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Kazu joined us at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam during the Amsterdam Dance Event. The Dutch artist has experienced consistent success both from his voice actor work and his impressive work in music production.

Amidst the busyness of this year’s ADE, Kazu sat down with us for an interview. In the interview, he talks about his music, the perfect place to go to the toilet in Amsterdam, and answers our Take-5 questions.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the music industry hard, and for some, it took some time to recover. Kazu explains his latest project and how it came to be:

“So I’ve been doing a lot of ghost productions for other artists or co-productions. That’s what I’ve been doing for the last couple of years during COVID. It was tough to grow as an artist then. So I’ve been doing that a lot, and right now, I want to focus again on my music. I’ve been making a lot of drum and bass lately, so I’ll be working on that mostly.”

Talking about other artists he likes, Kazu names the sensational and up-and-coming UK artist Fred Again. “There’s this guy; he’s more like Garage… Fred Again. He’s from England, and he’s amazing”, he says. “He has this song with the Swedish House Mafia right now. I love it; it’s a big inspiration for me.”

We asked Kazu some quick-fire Take-5 questions. When asked about his worst nightmare, he gave us an insight into a real-life nightmare he experienced:

“I was flying from Russia to the Netherlands, and suddenly we had a big drop in the air, like a few hundred meters, because there was a plane flying right over us. It was the first time I thought I would die, and I dreamt about it a couple of times because it was so terrifying.”

On a lighter note, Kazu noted exercise and having a structured day as vital to looking after his mental health. Acknowledging when you don’t want to work and accepting “not feeling it” is also essential.

When asked to describe electronic music to a deaf person, he said it as “a lot of bleeps and bloops.” He also proposed that dogs would be the friendliest to get along with if all animals could talk. As always, our Take-5 questions are a mixed bag with an exciting variety of answers every time.

Listen to our full interview with Kazu below:

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