Kazu: What is happening to me?

Dutch DJ and music producer Kazu stopped in at the Nexus Lounge during ADE for his first Radio interview EVER! The young and upcoming DJ was very excited for his release of “Get Loud” alongside Mike Hawkins on the Barong Family music label.

“Super excited about that, like a whole new world opens (up) to me. I remember last year I was just doing all these demo drops and stuff and finally I can be here…just relax, have fun.”

Kazu expressed that working on progressive house tracks wasn’t his “thing” anymore, and he’s found joy and success in making trap records.

“When I started producing, I was only making progressive house music and then I figured out it was not for me. I just didn’t feel like I should be making it. Then like a year and a half ago I started making trap music and now I feel like I should have started out that way.”

Kazu knows he’s in-demand. Therefore, taking photographs of moments like this one; his first radio interview, and his first autograph request, are things he looks forward to reflecting on perhaps one day when he’s really famous.

“I made a screenshot because there was this guy, because I’m just actually starting out making music. I’m just being an artist and there was this guy just sending me this message like ‘can I get your autograph?’And I was like, what is happening to me?”

The avid dog lover expressed that if he could send a message to the entire world, it would definitely be a picture of him with his dog.

“I’d definitely share a picture of me with my dog because I really love my dog… I really love animals.”

To find out why Beijing tops this DJ’s list of favorite cities in the world and much more, listen to our exclusive interview with KAZU below!

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