Kiesza’s Life Challenges Only Strengthened Her and Inspired Her Latest Track, “I Go Dance”

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Canadian singer and multi-instrumentalist Kiesza swung by the Philips Sound & Vision popup studio during the Nexus Lounge Miami to talk about her biggest life hurdles, bouncing back even more robust, and how her new music narrates her journey.

In 2014, “Hideaway” catapulted Kiesza into the spotlight, showcasing her talents as a songwriter, singer, and skilled dancer, all stemming from her roots in Calgary. As we hit 2024, it’s been a decade since this global smash hit topped the UK charts and kickstarted her debut album, “Sound of a Woman.”


After the victory of her first album, Kiesza encountered what she called her life’s “toughest challenge” – bouncing back from a traumatic brain injury following a car crash in 2017. Throughout her recovery, Kiesza held onto the hope that her path would lead her to the future she had been working towards. This experience deeply influenced her subsequent projects, including her sophomore album, ‘Crave’ (2020), which garnered praise from critics. She also collaborated with deadmau5, a partnership that amassed over 12 million streams, further solidifying her musical status.

Making a harmonious comeback to the dancefloor scene, Kiesza unveils “I Go Dance,” her irresistible new single from the much-anticipated album set for release in May. The excitement peaked on March 22nd this year when Kiesza debuted ‘I Go Dance’ at the Electronic Dance Music Awards (EDMAs) in Miami, marking a thrilling start to her musical journey ahead.

In Kiesza’s words, “‘I Go Dance’ is kind of fun. Everything in this album has to do with a very subtle underlying way of going back to your source and unfolding from the pureness of who you are underneath all the layers that you have.”

Kiesza’s latest music effortlessly blends the realms of dance, house, and electro-pop with the folk influences that have long been at the heart of her songwriting. In her own words, “I have so many different expressions, and I was really struggling with that. I have folk music, I have R&B music, and I want to put it all out. I don’t want to confuse people. Think of me as this big river, and then the river breaks off into these little streams. I’m going to make little streams for myself. So you can go down the dancing and crying stream.”

This fusion of genres is a testament to Kiesza’s artistic growth since her award-winning debut single, ‘Hideaway.’ Her ability to seamlessly blend diverse musical elements into her work showcases her evolution as an artist, offering listeners a rich tapestry of sounds and emotions to explore.

To learn more about Kiesza, including what’s in her bag on a regular day, listen to our full interview below.

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