King Arthur: Playing it safe will end in a short career

The DJs From Mars wear cardboard boxes headgear, the notorious DeadMau5 was famous for his mousehead, and the Daft Punk duo were famous for wearing LED helmets. Therefore it’s merely logical that our very own “Illiana” or Illinois-Indiana native, DJ and producer, King Arthur wear a crown during live shows.

“There are some ideas of knighting people at shows and stuff like that, and I do wear a crown when I play. So I definitely play up the King act.”

King Arthur is more than the aesthetics and the promotional gimmicks that other DJs display in their shows. The “Laidback” and “Places” song producer treats his fans more like a “royal family” and wants to give them a full medieval experience along with his sick tunes.

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Despite his recent successes, making it into “music royalty” wasn’t a “walk in the royal park” for King Arthur. The Republic Records producer admits to making several mistakes along the way.

“If you aren’t making decisions where you look back and go ‘ahh, maybe I should have done that differently.’ I don’t know if you’re making enough choices, or making enough powerful decisions or you’re not taking enough risks…because playing it safe all the time… will lead to a very short career.”

Speaking of momentous decisions, King Arthur informs us that before he moved halfway across the world to Amsterdam, he lived in Chicago for seven years which is where the King Arthur project was born.

“It’s my favorite city in America. I’m not making this up… I loved my time in that city. I’m so proud of the Midwest right now. The Midwest gets looked over by the coasts…it’s just special to me. That’s where the King Arthur project started.“

Listen to our full interview with King Arthur during the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam below!

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