Kryder: Upcoming Tour, Grooming new DJs, Pizza Hut & more.

London-based DJ, record producer and label owner Kryder is best known for his breakthrough original track Aphrodite which was released on Axtone Records in 2013. 

The legendary Progressive-House DJ has won numerous IDMA’s (International Dance Music Awards) since then, which included a Latin record he worked on alongside Tom Staar and The Wulf in 2016.

Kryder, whose real name is Chris Knight was ready to enjoy the “Hot and Exciting” scenery during Miami Music Week 2019. Chris connected with us for a quick interview in the Nexus Radio Lounge Miami, to talk candidly about, well, everything.

The Schedule

Adam Turner: It’s Adam Turner here in the Nexus Lounge in Miami and I’m joined by the man himself: Kryder, how are you? 

Kryder: Hey Adam. Thanks for having me mate. 

Adam Turner: How are you finding Miami? 

Kryder: Hot! Exciting…

Adam Turner: A change from London?

Kryder: Definitely! [laughs] Glad to be here. 

Adam Turner: You were just telling me off-the-air, you’ve got a pretty hectic schedule? 

Kryder: Yeah! 10 gigs in seven days. So yeah, it’s going to be a pretty tough!

Adam Turner: How do you get through them? 

Kryder: I don’t know yet [laughs]. 

Adam Turner: Is it one of those things where it is just the adrenaline that kind of pushes you through or is it just the love of the music or?

Kryder: I think it’s a mixture of both actually. You know, I’m really excited to be here. I love performing. I love testing out my new music. I’m completely sober, so I’m not driven by anything like that […] and sort of powered by the gym and stuff like that. It’s good to keep focused and get through the work really. 

Passion & Adrenaline

Fierce passion and adrenaline would certainly be required of anyone with ten shows in seven days, but we didn’t expect what Kryder said next.

Adam Turner: I’ve got five questions for you. When you go out to DJ, what are the five essential things that you carry in your bag? 

Kryder: My headphones for one, USBs, my talent [laughs].

Adam Turner: All in one bag? [laughs]

Kryder: What else do I carry in my bag? Wow, I’m trying to think. That’s really difficult. I don’t really have much in there […], that’s pretty much it.Yeah. 

Adam Turner: A lot of people say Hand Sanitizer, and I have to say I’m guilty of that as well. Just cause you know, you shake so many people’s hands and a lot of high fives, stuff like that.

Kryder: Very true. I’ll wear gloves (next time). 

Adam Turner: [laughs] Alright gloves could be your third thing (in DJ bag). 
We often wonder what our idols would be doing today if they hadn’t gotten into their respective careers, and yet again, Kryder surprised us with his answer.

Pizza Hut

Adam Turner: What career path would you most likely have gone in if you hadn’t gone into music? 

Kryder: Well, I used to be a pizza delivery boy. So, I’d probably be stuck doing that […] Pizza Hut! 

Adam Turner: So, you’d still be going around on the moped (Scooter)? 

Kryder: Yeah, definitely!

Expect to hear a lot of new music from Kryder this year. He says, “We’ve got a ton of music coming out on the label Criteria Records and loads of touring.”

Listen to the full interview below to learn more about Kryder’s latest projects and more

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