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Kura Shaking Things up With World Music

KURA joined us at the Nexus Radio red-carpet event presented by Big Joe®, and BPM Supreme® to talk about upcoming releases on Spinnin’ records, his plans for  and his insane touring schedule which includes stops in Spain, Mexico, and just to name a few.

Nexus Lounge 2018 daya 66
Nexus Lounge 2018 D1 103

Rúben de Almeida or Kura is a Portuguese DJ who specializes in Electro-. He’s released over two dozen singles, the latest being ‘Young & Invincible’ featuring Jimmy Clash, and ‘Fuego’ featuring Olly James. KURA is currently working on a new single with a ‘Brazilian funk’ vibe which features a Brazilian MC, and a release of ’s Revealed record label.

Kura explains how he is trying to fuse new elements into his this year:

“Like ‘world music, ‘ like that because it’s so diverse, like I feel Nowadays in you can mix everything you want- every style and it’s still dance music, that’s the beauty of it. Maybe you cannot do that with other styles [but] dance-music allows you to do that and you can reach a lot of people with it. I think it’s amazing.”


To learn more about Kura, including which question he asked our host Dayanna Ramirez (after she loses the staring contest to him), click on the full interview below ↓

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