We caught up with MixMash leader Laidback Luke for a quick chat during Amsterdam Dance Event! He was in good spirits and especially excited about catching up with all his friends in Amsterdam. He was throwing a MixMash family gathering followed by studio sessions throughout the week.

Family is important to Laidback Luke, when we asked him what advice he would give his daughter if she ever wanted to become a DJ, he said to watch every video blog that he has ever made www.youtube.com/laidbackluke . He also cautioned upcoming DJs about getting too caught up in the party life, “it will catch up on you,” he said. Another great bit of advice was not to over-pack the schedule and to chill out a bit, “you can produce music, but don’t let it take over your life.”

When we asked about his secret to maintaining 8% body fat, Luke once again deferred to his video blog on YouTube. He mentioned that his upcoming episode was going to cover that topic, his secret diet involved not eating salads and living on “Starbucks and double patty hamburgers.” Check out Laidback Luke’s video blog on his YouTube channel and listen to the entire interview below.