Lako Unveiled: A Sonic Journey Through Amsterdam Dance Event at Nexus Lounge

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Lako, a seasoned DJ, begins our conversation with a cheeky declaration: “I’m alive for quite a long period.” His journey into the world of music commenced at the tender age of 15-16, marking the inception of a career that has witnessed the evolution of his musical palette. With a grin, he shares, “it is a fact that my taste in music has rotated like 180 degrees and still turnin’ – which is a normal thing, I guess. In fact, I’m sure!”

Throughout his illustrious career, Lako has graced many residencies in his hometown and lit up dancefloors across the country. Notably, he hasn’t yet shared the stage with superstar DJs, a fact he dismisses as a measure of success, emphasizing a broader definition of achievement in the vibrant world of electronic music.


Currently immersed in the realm of techy-housey-mnml sounds, Lako’s musical preferences reflect a dynamic fusion of genres. His openness to diverse sounds mirrors the ethos of electronic music, where boundaries are meant to be pushed, and exploration is the key. Lako asserts, “it all depends on the mood in which I am,” revealing the fluidity that defines his artistic expression.

One of Lako’s current endeavors is hosting the ‘dRNCh!’ radio show on GALAXY FM in Kavadarci. A weekly sonic expedition, the show is divided into two parts. In the first hour, Lako treats listeners to his exclusive weekly mix. The second hour is dedicated to guest mixes from Macedonian DJs, showcasing both emerging and established talents. His ultimate goal is clear: to enhance the nightlife in his hometown and the country at large.

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