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Lawrence Lui: Shaping the Sound of W.M.C.

Lawrence Lui .

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MMW 2019 299

Winter Conference was reborn in with the efforts of a new staff of industry trailblazers.  Lawrence Lui and the marketing team of Marketing Agency hit the ground running to spread the word and let everyone know.

Not just a marketing mastermind, Lawrence Lui also produces dreamy soundscapes. His tracks  “Requiem for Vega” and “Enology” have amassed over 3 million Spotify streams.  Watch for his new collaborations with a soon-to-be announced Finnish space house producer.

It’s not all about work for Lawrence, though.  He loves to travel (Iceland and Belgrade are two of his favorite destinations) and cherishes his guilty pleasures: 85% dark chocolate and ’80s music (Men at Work and Baltimora).

This is Take5 with Lawrence Lui!

Take A Listen.

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