Leandro Da Silva and the Future of Black Lizard

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Leandro Da Silva joined us at the G-shock pop-up studio at the Nexus Lounge in Amsterdam, where we talked all about his label, his latest projects, and what he’s got coming in the next year.

Italian-Brazilian DJ/Producer Leandro Da Silva is no stranger to working with labels. Over the last few years, he’s worked with Warner Music, Spinnin’ Records, Armada, and more while running his label, Black Lizard. With so many professional partnerships on the go, you might wonder how Da Silva decides which label to work with, but as far as he’s concerned, it’s not such a challenge.

“To be honest, I don’t think about the label while I’m producing. When the music is finished, I try to understand what would be the best fit for the track.”

Of course, managing such strong and consistent output requires a genuine creative vision, and the Black Lizard label has just that. Da Silva came up with the name when he was looking for an animal that could represent the name, logo, and mascot all in one. The name certainly conjures a striking image and has led to some beautiful cover art for his latest EPs (including “Cancion Del Mariachi” and “Yo Tambien”), featuring a striking series of lizards.

Leandro Da Silva

As for his latest projects, Da Silva confirmed that there would be more music on the Black Lizard Label and new Tomorrowland Music and Armada tracks. As if that wasn’t enough, he said that Black Lizard has label parties planned worldwide, declaring this to be the label’s “main goal” for the following year.

Da Silva was optimistic about the label’s future and the music industry’s continued recovery despite the lingering wake of the COVID-19 years. Commenting on this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event, he noted how difficult the last few years had been for events like ADE and how much more energy this year’s event was drawing.

“Everybody is returning to the business, so that makes me very happy.”

Turning to more personal matters, we asked how Da Silva’s music taste developed and what other genres he’s been known to enjoy. It came as no surprise to learn that he’s quite the eclectic.

“For me,” he said, “it’s very important to listen to every kind of music.”

From rock to punk, through melodic techno and house, Da Silva spent his younger years genre-hopping and says that even now, his tastes continue to change.

If you’d like to learn more about Leandro Da Silva and Black Lizard’s music and his other releases, then be sure to check out the full, exclusive Nexus Radio interview.

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