Leandro Da Silva is a True Mixmaster.

Born in Brazil and growing up in Italy,  Leandro da Silva is a natural at mixing everything together.  “Gopher Mambo” mixes classic flavor (a taste of Yma Sumac’s exotica) with modern house vibes.  On “Lick Up,” he mixes his sexy grooves with the tech-house influence of rising producer Siwell.

Leandro does what he likes and from that comes his “signature style.”  In addition to releases on Spinnin’, Atlantic, and Smash the House, his own label Black Lizard is a Top 10 bestseller in several genres on Beatport

Hanging out with Leandro will bring a smile to your face just like his lovable pooch.  Describing his dog as a bastardino (a mutt) shows how much he loves to keep everything all mixed together.

This is Take5 with Leandro Da Silva!

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