Leandro: Music Can Help You In Tough Moments

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Joining us at this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event, we sat down with Italo Brazilian DJ/producer Leandro Da Silva at the Bowers and Wilkins pop-up studio, Amsterdam for a chill chat about the benefits of music and what we can expect to hear from him over the next few months.
Leandro Da Silva is one of those artists you fall in love with overnight. With rhythmic beat-driven sounds and a modern EDM style that always brings lots of energy to the table, he’s built up a reputation over the years for instant club classics that can get any crowd moving.
Leandro De Silva

From official remixes for David Guetta to tracks on almost every major EDM label in the world, Leandro’s prolific output is complex for any artist to compete with. Add to that his worldwide appearances at some of the most exclusive clubs, and you have to wonder how he gets so much done.

The answer: an enduring passion for music.

"I think music can help you in tough moments. I think it helps you to chill when you're excited, and it helps you to enjoy the moment."

Passion is a vitally important part of all music production, and, as always, we were excited to delve further into how that passion translates into the finished tracks. When asked about his production techniques, Leandro quickly highlighted percussion’s critical role in his music.

"In my music, I think it's essential to have my signature sound, so I created all my percussions in all the tracks. I think this helps [them] to be something unique and different. Definitely."

Like most of his peers, Leandro was excited to be back at ADE this year and finally able to meet with other industry professionals face to face. Of course, between the parties and the networking, he also said he likes to head out onto the town and grab some ramen.
Lastly, we asked the question all the fans are waiting for – what can we expect to hear next from Leandro Da Silva?
Unsurprisingly, he’s got a lot coming up. We’re talking releases on Spinnin’ Records, Armada, and Warner music, as well as an official remake of Gazebo’s iconic ’80s, hit “I Like Chopin.” If that’s not enough to get you excited, then we don’t know what will!
For more information about Leandro De Silva, his exciting dreams, and how he’d survive a zombie apocalypse, check out the full, exclusive ADE Interview.

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