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Lee Dagger: The Doors ‘The End’ Re-Energizes Me

Lee Dagger from the UK dance-music group Bimbo Jones joined us during Nexus Radio’s red-carpet event at the Nexus Lounge during  Music Week to talk about his Miami plans, new music, music idols and more.

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The UK dance group which consists of Lee Dagger, Marc JB, and Katherine Ellis are mostly known for their work for like , Lady Gaga and Rihanna to name a few.

Lee tells Nexus Radio that the Bimbo Jones has been very busy working in the studio working on two new albums, two new singles, and a collaboration with Thelma Houston.  Dagger has partnered up with Tazmania Records and Radikal Records for its upcoming releases in the United States.

Lee also shares one of his proudest moments as part of Bimbo Jones which was winning a  for their co-production on the album for latin artist Sergio Mendes.

“We were working Sergio Mendes’ album and it ended up winning a Grammy. We produced some of the music, wrote some lyrics as well, so to get the accolade- it was amazing.”

Lee Dagger

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“I used to work in retail a long time ago and used to have a horrible job working in Donna Karan selling clothes for next to no money, and I’d Deejay the weekends as well. So, I used to get so tired. So, there was one song, I used to come home, I used to sit down and listen to it – the song is 14 minutes long. I used to listen to it sitting down with the lights off, and literally just take five, take 15 minutes, just listen to it all the way through: The Doors “The End.” And I’ll ask any of you, just to try, sit on the sofa one night if you’re tired; listen to that song all the way through and it gives you a natural rush.”

Lee Dagger

To hear Lee Dagger’s unique experience meeting Cyndi Lauper for the first time, his favorite musicians and more, click on the full audio below↓

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