Let’s have A “Fika” with Manyfew.

You may wonder, what is a Fika?  A fika is a break with friends when you are “grabbing a coffee and a cinnamon bun or cookie.”  After experiencing this with the Manyfew brothers in Stockholm, we brought the sweet tradition to the Nexus Radio lounge.

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Speaking of sweet things, Manyfew’s dance pop confection “Closer To Love” is making waves all around the world. They were inspired by the vocal to create an uplifting piano-based production.  Working on the track in London brought in a new vibe, and they are going back to work on their new E.P. and do some tour dates.

While Manyfew may disagree on their favorite Abba song (“Gimme Gimme Gimme” vs “Mamma Mia”) or favorite Spice Girl (Posh vs Scary), the brothers do agree that kebabs are their favorite guilty pleasure as well as drinking whiskey while doing nothing as their favorite way to unwind.  Yes, they are human just like us!

This is Take5 with ManyFew!

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