Let’s Think About a Celebration with Fedde Le Grand

Celebration is the perfect name for ’s of his classic “Let Me Think About It” with Ida Corr. This magnificent mix keeps the vibe of the original while amping up the energy and effects for fresh 2017 sound.

Fedde is no stranger to updating club classics.  Teaming up with Dannic, he updated “Toca’s Miracle” by request of the original singer, Coco. The singer never got paid for her work, so Fedde and modernized the sound and aimed to “give the song, and her, justice.”  Another recent update was his personal bootleg of Ian Carey’s “Keep On Rising,” which became an emotional anthem for Sensation 2017.

Fedde feels a lot of emotion for his fans and how they support him through his musical journey.  As I change sounds, I am “always able to do weird stuff.”   The fans will “dig it and they are not afraid to listen to other things.”

His recent song “Wonder Years” with Adam McInnis is a good example of this.  The beats are slower than you would expect, and the lyrics are about living in the moment and not the memories encourage us to “appreciate the little things in life.”  Hearing Fedde quote U.S. Navy Admiral William H. McRaven’s speech about the importance of making your bed came as quite of a surprise.

Another surprise was that the last song Fedde listened to on his phone was “Summer in Paris” by DJ Cam and Anggun.  Hmm, maybe that will be inspiration for his next club banger?

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