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Joining us in the KEF popup sound studio at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam, we spoke with incredible up-and-coming artist Matt Guy about his latest releases, the icons who inspired him, and the joy of dancing like there’s nobody watching.

Since 2022, Matt Guy has become prominent in the dance scene after releasing his hit song “Set My Mind Free.” The track took off across the radio, club, and festival circuits, where it was supported by countless DJs, including Gorgon City and Solomun, all while receiving significant accolades such as BBC Radio 1’s Tune of The Week.

Matt Guy

In summary, Guy skyrocketed to success practically overnight, and in the time since, he’s certainly kept himself busy. One of his biggest priorities has been getting his studio sound equipment up to standard – a task that certainly isn’t easy and one he says he’s invested lots of time and money into.

“It’s a lot of learning the ways - trial and error - but I’ve got to a place now where I’m so happy with how everything’s sounding. It’s so imperative to get that right.”

Still, it’s certainly paying off for fans, as he’s released three incredible new tracks in the last few months. “Every Little Time,” “Give Me What I Want,” and “Rock The Show” are all unique party pieces that’ll get you in the dancefloor mood in no time.

Here at Nexus, if there’s one thing we love, it’s getting to know the inspirations behind an artist. Of course, for any music lover, there are countless memorable moments that influence our tastes, but for Matt Guy, one stood out above the rest. Recalling his first-ever Amnesia, he heard Carl Cox and Marco Carola back to back with an edit of Renegade Master.

“Obviously, I always knew the sample. They looped it for ages and I just remember being stuck in it and I was like - Oh my god, I am loving this”

It’s easy to get lost in the on-stage atmosphere, obsessing over the performance and forgetting to enjoy the moment, but, for Guy, there’s nothing better than the feeling of playing a new track to a crowd, only to hear them singing the lyrics back to him. In his own words, “That feeling never wears off.”

Not that he lets the crowds get to him. Guy is an artist who loves his music through and through and isn’t afraid to show it.

“I jump around like a bit of an idiot all the time. I just let loose… I don’t care if one person’s watching, no one, or ten thousand - I’d still dance like an idiot and enjoy myself.”

If you’d like to learn more about Matt Guy, his dream rave scene, and his favorite on-stage experience, then be sure to listen to the full, exclusive Nexus Radio interview.

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