Lily Allen has had five years off both bad and good ones (meltdowns,label problems) but also (marriage and adorable children) But now the star is ready to rock and roll with her new album b “Sheezus,” This time she says shes ready to put her ego and narcissim off, she wants to show what a nice person she is. Lily Allen has been trying to show off the nicest parts of her for example she handwrites cards to all of those who has helped along her rocky career, the people that gave her free clothes, her stylists, people who even let her borrow things.  You can say that having children has changed the pop star instead of worrying about how she treats people or about the partying she worries about her children all the time.  The only thing that is worrying her about her comeback album is missing them too much, she doesn’t know what she would do without them. Its like having kids has made her see the light of how kind and nice she should be to others and depict herself. This new album is meant to mark the start of a new chapter for her, as we all know before she simply wrote about how she wanted “loads of clothes and f**** loads of diamonds” Thats not who shes about anymore shes working to make everyone see her in a bright light.  The main reason that we saw Allens mean side was because things in her life weren’t very stable at the time she just wanted to be famous because people get treated better once they’re famous wasn’t happy with her upbringing but having kids completely changed her. This new album may becoming out now but she began working on it after her first child in late 2011 because she “needed to reconnect with herself” but she got pregnant with her second child and couldn’t write while pregnant. Last year the record began to take shape she finally had an idea of what she wanted to write about, each song is about something new and something that means a lot to her life. It’s been a long haul for Lily Allen but the hardwork will pay off in the end when the new album finally comes out and we see this brand new side of her!