Limelght Talk Chris Farley, Freddie Mercury and More

Limelght joined us at the Big Joe® Lounge during Miami Music Week and Winter Music Conference 2018 to talk about their Miami plans, their massive new track, and to take the Nexus Radio ‘take 5’ quiz.

Nick Gunn and Tanner Wilfong make up the Electronic-dance music duo known as Limelght. They first entered the dance-music scene with their track “Don’t Leave Me Now” on Armind/Armada Music. Nick and Tanner continue to make their mark in the trance-music scene with their follow-up single “Canis Major.” Currently, the pair are working on a newer track called “Right Now,” which they promise will be more massive than the previous two releases.

Despite their in-studio chemistry, Nick and Tanner couldn’t be more different in their choices of celebrities whom they would like to meet. During our question about who they would choose to have dinner with (living or dead), Tanner swayed more towards comedians while Nick went for legendary musicians:

“Chris Farley’s one of them for me, he’s like my favorite actor. Jethro Tull, and then I’d probably say I’m Amy Schumer- she’s absolutely hilarious”

“So, mine are all music based; Vangelis [is] one of my idols. I would say Freddie Mercury, and I’d probably say George Michael, because I grew up on that stuff man. There’s a hole in the industry because he’s gone.”

We wanted to know what Nick and Tanner’s proudest moment has been thus far, whether that be in music or prior careers:

“I was a high-level diver, I dove for the U.S. team and probably winning my first international medal in Koala Lampur, Malaysia in 2014. I just remember every specific moment of every dive and getting a medal and working my ass off. It’s so funny because all of that stuff translates into my music career now. Competing, and having a thick-skin with a label rejections and things like that.”

“I had this career as an instrumental artist for many, many years, so I did this world music festival once and it was 15,000 people. That was the largest crowd I’d never played for and I remember that vibe, that feeling, and I thought to myself ‘I want that’.”

To learn more about Limelght, including which country or island they would retire in, and which song they would each a listen to on repeat for the rest of their lives. Listen to the full audio interview below!

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