Limelght: Getting signed to Armind was Intense

Nick Gunn, otherwise known as Limelght in the dance music world, stopped in for a brief interview at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam during ADE. The “Don’t Leave Me Now” song producer shared his unique struggle of being propelled into the spotlight overnight by Armin Van Buuren himself.

“Limelght you know, we started back in October of 2017 with our first release on Armind, on Armada Music. I have to be honest, we were the first act in their history to ever release without any previous releases on their flagship label which is Armind (Armin Van Buuren’s handpicked records). So it was unusual in the fact that here we are and we just kind of getting launched into this place where most artists have to build to get there. And we were kind of scratching our heads as much as everyone else was in the industry. But it proved to be quite a hard last 12 months because when you start so high then you have a lot of expectation and then you have a tremendous amount of anxiety and there’s just a hell of a lot of stuff that goes into maintaining that kind of profile.”

That has to be a lot of pressure for Nick Gunn, who also happens to be a world renowned Instrumental-World Music composer. But the Limelght project has already snowballed; he’s already had two releases on Armind, two releases on Interplay (Alexander Popov’s imprint), and a recent release called “Run & Hide” on the Amsterdam Trance record label.

“I started in instrumental, many, many years ago underneath my name Nicholas Gunn. And I’m now putting out a new ambient record in January, 12 tracks, four of which are vocal tracks that are tempo friendly. We’re remixing [them] as uplifting trance remixes. So we’ve got this great pollination, cross-pollination of ambient to trance, and I’m kind of moving the Nicholas Gunn (sound) underneath the Limelght name.”

Get ready to hear a lot more from the ultra talented Nicholas Gunn/Limelght, or should we call him Christopher Walken? “I go through my life with at least somebody coming up to me every week going, ‘you look like Christopher walken,’” he says.

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