Lorde: New Queen of Tumblr?


Lorde: New Queen of Tumblr?

One of the great perks of the internet age is that fans have a place to interact with artists and feel connected with them in a way they couldn’t before, whether it’s a retweet on Twitter or an answered Ask on Tumblr. Several superstars are incredibly responsive and supportive of their fans, among them Lorde, who talked on Tumblr yesterday about the new album she’s working on, synesthesia, and what Time calls “pep talks that basically felt like warm, loving embraces.”

Here are a few of her responses:

1) Q: THIS PROBABLY IS REALLY STUPID BUT YOU GIVE SELF CONFIDENCE TO CURLY HAIRED GIRLS. A lot of artists with curly hair straighten their hair and it used to make me feel bad about my hair. SO THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOUU

A: curly hair is the coolest s–t mama i love having this halo of hair radiating out from my face the bigger the better! actually just cut my hair a little shorter so it would be as big and cute as possible

2) Q: What were ur predictions of ur life rn 7 years ago?

A: that i would be at uni studying law lol.. this reminds me i actually found an old scrapbook from when i was maybe 7 or 8 that said “future job” and i had written COMEDIAN??????????? which is so mental i’m not even funny ha wtf who did i think i was bloody any schumer or some s–t???????

3) Q: i hope youre having a happy day and i hope the album is coming along, dont feel pressured to have it out so fast though, we’ll be ready when you’re ready so take it easy

A: that’s incredibly sweet of u i promise it’s gonna be a f—ing killer

4) Q: So I discovered at 16 that my family had a history of bad anxiety and depression bc I started getting panic attacks and never knew what to do with myself, but the only thing that saved me from that year was driving around and playing Pure Heroine over and over. It felt good to know someone so talented could be feeling the same things.

A: i love you. keep on keeping on

5) Q: hey mom are you synesthetic? bc i have sound to color synesthesia and its kinda similar to that one post u made abt ‘magnets’ being dark electric blues and greens in ur head and it’d be pretty sick if u were too

A: yep extremely intensely – might write a thing about it and how it has shaped my life because it’s such an unusual beautiful thing to live with

6) Q: Hey Ella! I’m just sitting here reminiscing about last year on November 1st when you played in Auckland. One of the sickest nights of my entire life. It will be in my heart forever. Infinite love to you, and can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us

A: God i loved that show SO MUCH i remember walking out of the venue at like midnight and seeing my crew pulling apart the stage and the confetti being swept up and it was super emotional that that whole thing was for me, in the arena in my town

7) Q: youre so inspirational what u got lke so many grammys before 18 i am 14 and i dont even know what i am doing

A: when i was 14 all the things i’ve achieved now were just wishful thinking. also – you hear about successful people who when they were young woke up and went to sleep every day and night repeating this endless mantra of goals. it doesn’t always work like that! don’t feel bad if you have some half-hearted ambitions you don’t feel like following right now. something will come to you one day and it’ll move you in a direction and the manifestation of that won’t feel like hard work. love you x

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