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Lost Frequencies Inspired by People Singing along to his Songs

Felix De Laet, better known as Lost Frequencies, joined us at the Big Joe® Lounge for  to chat about upcoming projects and what he loves about his job.

The 24-year-old Belgian musician, DJ, and producer created two of his most well-known songs, “Are You with Me” and “Reality,” before he had even begun to look toward a full-length release. Since releasing Less Is More in 2016, the artist has begun piecing together similarly cohesive works:

“I’ve been producing a lot of music for my sets, because for the last two-to-three years, I’ve been producing a lot of singles. But the last six months, I’ve been producing music for my DJ sets that’s not really single material, so I’m going to release it as a whole mini-album with some singles on it. I’m really excited for that.”

Lost Frequencies

Having remixed a diverse array of artists, from country artist Easton Corbin to outfit Major Lazer, Lost Frequencies is looking to continue changing things up in interesting ways as he moves forward:

“I’m working on a live show, like a real live show—no DJ material, with two other guys, one drummer; I’m on the keys, and another guy’s on keys and guitars. So that’s going to be the next challenge.”

Lost Frequencies

We also touched on what gives the young artist his inspiration:

“When I play on really big stages at and see all those people singing along—those are really moments I like to think about.”

Lost Frequencies

To learn more about Lost Frequencies, listen to the complete below ↓

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