Lost Kings : We’ve Spent Days and Weekends on Our Ultra Set

The Lost Kings joined us at the Big Joe Lounge® during the Nexus Radio event for Miami Music Week to answer a few awkward and possibly personal questions, brought to you by Dayanna Ramirez.

Robert Abisi and Nick Shanholtz make up the American DJ and production duo known as Lost Kings.  The pair first gained popularity in 2014 with their remixes for artists like Imagine DragonsKrewellaHalseyEchosmithRihanna, and Tori Kelly.  Their first EP “The Bad” was released by Spinnin’ records in 2015, followed by “The Good” EP in 2016. The duo opted for a series of singles in 2017.

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Considering that Robert and Nick were running on no sleep, they somehow managed to beat Dayanna at a staring contest. But a funny twist of events, they went on to answer the question that was intended for Dayanna (the loser of the contest).  The question was what is the clumsiest thing you’ve ever done?  Here’s what Robert said;

“back in the way back days. I used to be a bus boy at a banquet hall, and I was in the kitchen and it was at a big wedding, and there was a tray full of hot roast beef. I tried to pull it out of the “whatever you call it,” I tried to pull it out and it just spilled all over the kitchen! Staff wanted to kill me- It was probably the clumsiest thing I’ve ever done. It looks embarrassing thing ever – ruined the wedding.”

Long gone are the days of working banquet halls, Robert and Nick have been attending Miami Music Week for several years now, but this year will be different- this year will be their first time playing Ultra Music Festival.

“This is like our third time here now, but this is the first time we are here to play Ultra. Just seeing our experience from the first time we were here until now…we [first] started doing Miami Music Week playing a Pool Party for nobody, so it’s kind of surreal to be here doing the big show this time and it’s been really fast. So, we are super fortunate, we worked really hard and its just kind of a crazy journey to keep coming back to the same place but now to do the show we finally really wanted to do.”

The duo revealed that they are debuting a first-ever collab with another DJ during their set at Ultra but did not share any details. They hope that spinning at Ultra Music Festival will be a defining moment for them:

“Tomorrow we know is gonna be a defining moment for sure. Tomorrow is the to-be defining moment where we try to step up to the plate and wake a lot of people up that have been sleeping on us. This whole set is unlike anything we’ve done [before]. We’ve spent days and days, and hours, missing weekends- we’ve been looking forward to playing Ultra for so long, so we’ve worked our butts off for this set for sure.”

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