Lovlee’s First Venture To ADE And Europe

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Lovlee joined us at the Audionamix popup studio in the Nexus Lounge, Amsterdam.
Lovlee is currently making waves in the electronic music arena. Her musical journey started at a very young age when she began singing, songwriting, and performing. Now her music has gained significant rapport with some of the most impressive acts in electronic dance music’s history.
Her standout track with trance legend Ferry Corsten, “Our Moon,” was named Tune Of The Week on Armin Van Buuren’s legendary A State Of Trance show and gained six million streams collectively.
With a songwriting style like hers, these impressive statistics do not come as a surprise. Her raw emotive focus, projected through her live shows and narratives, is accompanied by infectious melodies and captivating performances.
In the first ADE event of her career and the first time in Europe, Lovlee has mingled with some of the greatest while catching a private show performed by Ferry Corsten. In between her busy schedule throughout the event, we spoke with Lovlee about sampling and how she began her electronic endeavors. She also runs through our Take-5 questions series.

“Probably the most creative is the most unique, like if I’ve never heard it”, she says. “Just a really unique pattern or something that sticks in your head that you can’t get out. I’m not a producer, so I don’t know the technical terms, but anything catchy that’s unique.”

“So a lot of it really kickstarted with trance. I do love trance, you know, I appreciate it, respect it, but I really love Progressive Deep House. So more like Nora En Pure, Rüfüs Du Sol. So I’m going to try to go into that genre and do that, and then I’m going to try and release an EP actually. Which I wanna get it on Rüfüs’ label, so we’ll see.”

In our Take-5 series, Lovlee described how she gained her stage name. “Everybody was like, ‘your vocals are so lovely”, she says. Lovlee also cites the piano as the instrument she would choose to gain the ability to play magically. “That’s actually my New Year’s goal because I just moved”, she explains. “I have a studio in my house now, so that’s the goal.”
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