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Low Steppa: “Feels Like My Best Year So Far”

Armed with coffee and tequila, Low Steppa had a lively chat with host in the  Radio lounge.   The two got on like old mates talking about Low’s love of the era, stalking Camelphat, and his love of the U.S.  “I feel like they want to see you and you don’t have to feel like you’ve got to play certain big records.  You can just play whatever you want.”

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It’s hard to believe, but Low Steppa almost became a police officer.  Luckily, in the 18 months that transpired between applying and getting a call for the interview, his DJ career already started taking off.

is shaping up to be massive for Low Steppa with a debut album in the works and a Defected  residency, and tour dates in Holland, Cape Town, and Poland.  This “feels like my best year so far.”

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