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Lucas and Steve Strike Gold With Firebeatz

Lucas & Steve joined us on the Nexus Radio red-carpet event presented by Big Joe®and BPM Supreme® for Miami Week 2018.

Lucas de Wert and Steven Jansen make up the duo otherwise known as Lucas & Steve. Wert and Jansen have released various singles under the Spinnin’ Deep imprint and have remixed songs for the likes of , and Showtek.

Nexus Lounge 2018 daya 16

Lucas and Steve were in good spirits during Miami Music Week, celebrating the success of their latest single ‘Keep Your Head Up,’ and they describe how their collaboration with Firebeatz came to be;

“We know the guys pretty well, Firebeatz- they’re really good friends, we did a collaboration together already last year ‘Show Me Your Love’ and that was a release on Spinnin’, but it was received so well that we thought it would be good idea to join forces again in studio and then we came up with the track with Little Giants. They sent us the top-line, the vocals and we went into the studio again and ‘Keep Your Head Up’ was born. Actually, that was pretty easy actually, we’re pretty good friends and in the studio it’s the same kind of vibe- they’re really good friends of ours.”

Lucas & Steve

The duo also discuss their for Hardwell’s ‘Power,’ their latest single featuring Janieck called ‘You Don’t Have To Like It,’ along with the promise of a new track titled ‘Source,’ which was released earlier this month.

To learn more about Lucas & Steve, including who would DJ at their wedding(s), which island they would both love to live in, and what advice they would give their 15-year-old self, click play on the below↓

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