Lucas & Steve All Set For A Summer Collab With EDM Legend Tiësto

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Joining us at the AOC space during the Nexus Lounge, Miami edition, we spoke with Lucas and Steve about their recent release, their advice on building a home studio setup, and an extremely exciting collaboration coming this summer with none other than world-famous DJ Tiësto.

Known for their incredible ability to throw a fresh spin on a classic sample, Lucas & Steve are a Dutch DJ house music duo with an uplifting and energetic sound. After nearly fifteen years working together, the two have countless tracks on Spinnin’ Records as well as their house-focused sub-label Spinnin’ Deep.

Lucas & Steve

Consistently charting in their home country of the Netherlands and popular throughout Europe’s EDM scene, the pair are perhaps best known for some of their collaborations, including their 2016 track “Summer On You” with Sam Feldt and featuring Wulf and their 2019 hit “Perfect” featuring Haris.

Their recent release, “When I Wake Up” (made in collaboration with Skinny Days), takes its central melody from “Bella Ciao” – a famous Italian song dedicated to the Italian resistance during World War Two. Although not the first time this melody has been sampled in modern EDM, their take on the tune stands out for its use of the harmonium – an instrument the artists simply happened to have inherited from the studio.

Discussing the track, Lucas and Steve also stressed their happiness at the opportunity to work with Skinny Days, having previously enjoyed their collaborations with Tiësto and Alan Walker.

Speaking of collaborations with Tiësto, the pair also revealed that they’re planning to release their own track with the legendary DJ this summer.

“We’re working on a new one with Tiësto which is going to be very, very good… Every time we play it, it goes off. We’re probably releasing it in July so we cannot wait to reveal this.”

Before wrapping things up, we also wanted to ask some questions for those aspiring DJs out there who might be looking to follow in the footsteps of artists like Lucas and Steve.

If you’d like to learn more about Lucas & Steve, their upcoming releases, their collaborations, and their morning wake-up rituals, then why not check out the full, exclusive Nexus Radio interview?

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