Lucas & Steve discuss the importance of ADE

Dutch producer and DJ duo Lucas & Steve took time out of their crazy ADE schedule to chat with us about a range of topics. The “Where Have You Gone producers talk about how vibrant Amsterdam becomes during Amsterdam Dance Event, they even commended us on our catered ‘bitterballs’ or ‘bitterballen’ as they are known locally.

emphasize just how important Amsterdam Dance Event is to the dance industry as a whole.

“Especially during ADE, the whole industry obviously is here. Of course, that means a lot of shows, a lot of interviews, a lot of meetings going on. So it’s a very interesting week if you are into music … and bitter-balls”

Lucas & Steve

The duo voiced their thoughts on their favorite cities to visit and or play-in, and they talked about a special event they organized geared towards people under eighteen years of age.

“We’re doing something special on Saturday. We’re doing an under-eighteen event. So we can give people who haven’t turned eighteen yet the opportunity to go to a proper party and just to experience dance the way that it’s supposed to be in the club.”

Listen to our full interview with Lucas & Steve! Click play below.

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